The Adventurers

The Adventurers are a miscellaneous band of warriors brought together by fate and kept together by the dark stain of an unforgivable act. Their first meeting was in a small town in the Land of Azure called Bridalsvale. Each member came for a distinct purpose, but upon witnessing a savage werewolf attack on the townspeople, their personal quests were put aside as they were thrust into solving the mystery for the werewolves’ appearance. Of course, this seemingly small mission was only the first turn in a larger set of gears. Though they succeeded in solving the werewolf epidemic, they committed a great sin – they brought about the death of the forest spirit. And so, they must continue together in order to bring back to balance the world they threw into turmoil.

The Adventurers are of various races, professions, backgrounds, and abilities. Though they were all complete strangers before meeting in Bridalsvale, much of their pasts and futures are tightly intertwined. The pure gravity of the mission that the Adventurers have undertaken has brought them closer together despite arrantly opposing personal ideals and goals. The weight is so immense that it has even pulled in members previously unattached to the party.

The current members are as follows.

The subsidiary members of the party include, or once included:

  • Oslo – a human ship captain
  • Doc – an orc and first mate of Oslo’s ship
  • Nemerrick – a gnome illusionist and artificer
  • Ocelotl – a cursed barbarian halfling
  • CJ – the paradimensional twin of Ranlot
  • Serruptus – the Jungle Guardian and sorcerer


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