The Land of Azure

Azure is one area of land that, with Sprague, comprises the realm. The region has several distinct environments ranging from mountains to forest land to desert wasteland. The vast majority of Azure is forestland called the Azure Forest. The areas of significance include:

  • Azure River
  • Azure Forest
  • Azure Pass
  • Obelisk of the Centuries War
  • Vrax Mountains
  • Prayler Desert
  • Minerath Hills
  • The Bog Lands

Various people with their own developed factions inhabit the lands of Azure. The most numerous and common groups of Azure are those of:

  • Man
  • Goblins (various types)
  • Dwarves
  • Desert Peoples

Some minor groups include:

  • Trolls
  • Ogres
  • Kenku
  • Centaurs

The Political Factions of Azure

Of the many groups that live in Azure, only a few have fully formed their own political factions. Historically, the two largest factions are those of Man – The Azure Nation and the Vrax. Among the Goblins constant warmongering, there are three tribes defined vaguely on territorial and species lines. These three tribes are the Goblin Iron Tribe, the Hobgoblin Fang Tribe, and the Bug Bear Tribe. The Dwarves are mostly unified under the Minerath Dynasty, while the Trolls, Ogres, and Desert Peoples exist in nomadic groups. The Centaurs, likewise, live in a small number of nomadic Bands; however, they identify themselves as belonging to a protective organization called the Golden Sect – a druidic religion devoted to maintaining the life within the forests. And the Kenku have a very mysterious system of politics revolving around family lineages. They tend to live in villages demarcated by a particular family clan name.


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