Floating Fortress

The Floating Fortress

The Floating Fortress, as its name suggests, is a large castle rumored to be hovering over the Azure region. This castle is the subject of many stories and legends, little of them verified. It is widely accepted that the Floating Fortress is powered by alchemy, a secret long since lost to the realm at the fall of the Alchemical Age. The castle is most likely an extremely powerful magical weapon. It’s origins and current whereabouts are wildly speculated, but there is little support for these claims.

There are a select few that possess factual information about the castle. The Guardians and various random scholars or wizards are among those that know its true history.


The castle was built at the height of the Alchemical Age, a period of vast technological and magical advancement that lasted for over one hundred years. The period of alchemy was founded by the Dark Twins, two powerful alchemists that discovered the practice. The castle was initially built on the ground in Azure. Even then it was symbol of the power the twins possessed as rulers. However, as a dispute between them caused one of the twins to flee, the castle was transformed into the Floating Fortress in response. The brother forged a devastatingly powerful artifact known as The Orb of Power. And with it, he gave the castle flight. With the combined might of the Floating Fortress and The Orb of Power, the sister had no possibility of challenging him, or so he thought. This was promptly proven false as his sister, wielding the alchemical artifacts Truth and Reconciliation, sacrificed herself to assassinate her brother. When this happened, the Floating Fortress took severe damage and was lost along with the secret of alchemy.

Floating Fortress

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