Lucius Albus Sirius Dumbledore

Lucius the Mind Walker

Lucius, as he is commonly referred to, is a demon of exceptional status and ability. He is one of the new generation of demons born of the Mammon line. As the spawn of a powerful Marquis, Andras, his path toward ascension through the ranks of hell was set. He studied sorcery and soon mastered it. Then he began developing a specialized technique in the field of psychic magic. Utilizing his revolutionary techniques, he fought his way to the title of Viceroy of Mammon himself. As such, he was one of the key leaders in the Gods War during the age of Titans and secured many important victories. However, when the Harbingers were defeated, Lucius and the other demon leaders were locked in the abyssal plane because of their role in the Gods War.

Initially, Lucius spent his imprisonment in hell conquering the other demon kingdoms. But the deep seated Greed of his Mammon bloodline pushed him to want more. However, he wasn’t the only one. His fellow spawnling, his brother Vetis had also risen to great power and challenged Lucius at every turn. In fact, Vetis was the last major challenge before Lucius had full control of the Mammon kingdom. To kill Vetis became his sole desire, his entire being’s worth of greed manifest in this one goal – but Vetis was not in the abyssal plane. And so, it was while in this millennia long exile that Lucius explored the full depths of his psychic magic and found a portal, so to speak, out of the abyssal plane.

Lucius captured the nearest available soul and wretched his way to replace it. It was the body of a gnome deep within the Lost Jungle. He had freed himself from the abyssal plane at last, and now the hunt began. Once out of the Lost Jungle he sat upon the ground and breathed deep. He let his demon sense feel across the land. Another of his kin had not touched these grounds for millennia and so sensing his brother would not be a difficult task. Lucius reached far until he felt the unmistakable and familiar presence of a dark and twisted soul. It was him. He reached further. He just needed the name of where he would be. He pushed, struggling against his brother’s psychic defenses. Lucius strained. And then it appeared… “Bridalsvale”.

Lucius Albus Sirius Dumbledore

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