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Great War of the Castle in the Sky

The Great War of the Castle in the Sky is an ongoing conflict among the inhabitants of the lands of Azure and Sprague. The war is fought by several different factions on varying levels of scale. Thus far, the war has involved the Azure Nation, the Vrax, the Threshero Kingdom, the Blood and Dagger Orc Hordes, the Guardians, and the Adventurers, while involvement of further factions is imminent. Most of the previously mentioned groups are fighting on a political and territorial scale, save the Guardians and the Adventurers who are vying for the fate of the realm. The war centers on seven powerful artifacts called the Medallions and their link to a mysterious but incredibly powerful Floating Fortress. Possessor of said Medallions would have the future of the land in their hands.


The origins of the Great War stem from three important factors: the power of the Medallions, the dissidence among the Guardians, and the premonition of total war and disaster. These factors were the ingredients that needed only a catalyst to spark the war.

The Power of the Medallions

Little is known about these so called Medallions, their location, or the power they possess as their origin is shrouded in the mists of time. However, what is known is that each of the seven Medallions corresponds to a type of area or domain in the realm of Azure and Sprague. The Medallions grant mastery over the domain they represent, and control over each of the Medallions would provide complete and total power to mold the very face of the realm. The Medallions also unlock the secrets of the floating fortress, a weapon whose power in legends rivaled the Gods. Because of this, a counsel was formed to separate and protect them from being used by the wrong hands. This counsel is simply known as the Guardians.

The Dissidence of the Guardians

The Guardians are an ancient counsel whose members are dedicated to the protection of the Medallions. The counsel has seven members each entrusted with one of the Medallions. Their foremost duty is to guard the Medallions, but they also act as shepherds of the land, maintaining the welfare of the people and keeping the balance of power in check. Though the counsel has the power to intervene in the affairs of the realm, this rarely occurs on large scales. This is due to the counsel’s requirement of unanimous agreement before action is taken, which is seldom achieved considering the widely varying and strongly held ideologies of the Guardians. Also, the power of a single Medallion alone is limited, so not much could be done without the aid of the other Medallions. The counsel has agreed for over a millennium that a principal of minimal involvement is the best course of action.

This, however, has become a point of great contention among the Guardians. When a premonition of great disaster was revealed to the counsel, some members demanded that action be taken to prevent the premonition from becoming reality. Other members refused on the grounds that such a premonition is not certain, and further, it cannot be ascertained whether the involvement of the Guardians itself would cause the premonition to actualize.

The Premonition

The Ocean Guardian, Orson, received a premonition of a possible future of the realm, which he divulged to the counsel. In this premonition, the land was in a constant flame, torn apart by war, and roamed by vile machines of death. A plague had set upon the realm and spread to neighboring lands. All the while, the floating fortress with black flags loomed in the sky above, lording over the tortured souls below. The disaster would soon consume the world and plunge it into an era of darkness…

In response to such a dire outlook on the future, the counsel became embattled on what its course of action should be. Three opinions formed: 1) Use the power of the Medallions to reset the realm to a state of peace by reducing the peoples of the land to small, but prosperous numbers. 2) Remain neutral and allow the course of events to take place. Unlocking the power of the Medallions may very well lead to the future seen in the premonition. 3) Use the power of the Medallions to curb the tide of war and bring peace to the people.

Origins of the War

For decades the Guardians debated patiently over what should be done. While tension arose among the counsel, the requirement of unanimous agreement was upheld despite the growing armies of Orcs, Men, and Goblins. After thirty years of waiting and observing, the three kingdoms of Man grew to dangerous size and waged terrible war on each other. The destruction wrought was vast and great. But even worse, the arrogance of the King of Threshero caused the counsel to step in. He had discovered the floating fortress and tried to reach it on several occasions, but had failed. On his final attempt, the Guardians stepped in to prevent his entry into the fortress, as he would have been successful. The Guardians agreed to act. They cast a powerful barrier on the Azure river that split the lands of Azure and Sprague. No longer could anyone from Sprague cross the river to the lands of Azure. And with this, King Threshero was barred and the premonition avoided.

It was only with great reluctance that the compromise was made to cast the barrier on the river, and another compromise of that magnitude was very unlikely to occur again. However, the Guardians believed that this would stop too much power from accumulating in a single group, thereby preventing the premonition from occurring. But after a few decades, the forces of Man continued to grow in strength as well as the Orcs and Goblins. And so the debate continued. While one side saw this as proof for further need to intervene, the other group saw this as proof of the opposite. With another war imminent among the Azure Nation and Vrax, and a war between the Orcs and Threshero Kingdom, tensions flared among the counsel. The Guardians were at their breaking point when the catalyst happened. Azure Forest was burnt to the ground, the Spirit and its guardian killed, and total war broke out among the Orcs and Men. At this, the counsel was disbanded and the Guardians took their own paths – and thus the Great War of the Castle in the Sky had begun.

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