The Medallions

In the lands of Sprague and Azure, there exist seven magical artifacts each tied to a particular element and region of the realm. Historically, the Medallions have been guarded by appointed wizards and sorcerers called the Guardians, who devote their lives to protecting the artifact. Initially, the Medallions were simply the shards of an even more powerful magical object, The Orb of Power. Over time, the shards were shaped into the medallion shape they now have. Additionally, the Medallions have now evolved to incorporate Guardians Spirits, each taking the form of some beast native to the specific region. These spirits also protect the medallions, and are in way, the living manifestations of the Medallions.

Origins of the Medallions

In a time when the secrets of Alchemy were fully alive, a pair of twins with extraordinary abilities stretched Alchemy to its limits forging incredible weapons of destruction and artifacts of prosperity. They used these devices to free themselves and their people from the harsh slavery of their rulers, and in gratitude, were made the new rulers by the people. However, they soon became known as the Dark Twins as they became corrupted by their own power. And in such an act of corruption, an all-powerful piece of alchemy was created – The Orb of Power. It had such a power that even the Gods feared its use, and so all of reality bent to its will. However, the sister was not without conscience and put an end to their rule of terror by sacrificing herself to overthrow her brother. In the end, the Orb was lost.

Centuries later, a wandering wizard named Llewellyn discovered the Orb. Knowing the raw power it possessed, he called together a counsel of magic users to better help him decide what should be done about this artifact. But when the counsel arrived, a great battle ensued for control of the Orb. It’s power was far too seductive to be endured. And as an act of desperation, Llewellyn attempted to destroy the Orb. Instead, it was shattered into seven distinct pieces. The very pieces that would eventually become the Medallions. Each piece was taken by the seven remaining counsel members and so the Guardians were formed.

After this First Counsel had long ago died and passed the shards down many generations, the Second Counsel was formed. Unlike the First Counsel, the counsel members worked cooperatively towards an altruistic goal of maintaining the balance of the realm so that another major disaster such as the Siren Uprising would not occur. They formed a covenant to never act unless unanimous agreement was achieved, and to protect the shards from all evils, including themselves. In a gesture of agreement, each member of the counsel reforged their shard into the Medallions as they are now.

Locations and Power of the Medallions

Each medallion is closely linked to a specific area of the realm, each with its own unique powers. Generally, each medallion has the power to manipulate a particular element likewise connected to the region it inhabits. The particular powers of each medallion arose over time. Initially, each shard was identical, magnifying the users ability to unimaginable levels. But, as each member of the First Counsel returned to their homeland and remained there indefinitely, the medallions rooted themselves in the land. The medallions absorbed the essence of each region they were in, forming a symbiotic bond. Over time this bond became so powerful that the medallion embodied a spirit of the land – these spirits are called the Guardian Spirits. This irrevocably tied the fate of each element and its constituent region to the medallion/Guardian Spirit. And so, the balance of the realm is both protected and vulnerable because of this bond. The spirit watches over the region, defending it from harm, but if the spirit is killed, then so too dies the region and element it represented.

The seven regions of the Medallions and their spirits are:

  • The Arctic Gale ocean – The Arctic Whale (Sea)
  • Prayler Desert – Owl of Veracity (Fire)
  • The Lost Jungles – The Serpent (Jungle)
  • The Mines of Minerath – The Granite Badger (Earth)
  • Vrax Mountains – Sun Eagle (Sky)
  • Azure Forests – Golden Wolf (Forest)
  • The Northern Tundra – The White Bear (Ice)


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