The Vrax

The mountain peoples living in the north of the lands of Azure are known as the Vrax. They are an extremely hardy people living in the harsh conditions of the Vrax Mountains. Their culture revolves around warrior ideals, those of power, honor, and courage. The Vrax mostly live in tight knit bands that are extremely warlike, perpetually fighting outsiders as well as each other. The Vrax bands are loosely held together by a shared ancestral narrative. Though hostilities between bands run rampant, when faced with an outside threat, these hostilities give way to kinship in fighting off the outsider. Due to their strong reverence of their ancestral heritage, they are wary of those outside the ancestral lines and can be hostile to foreigners.

The Vrax are masters of their environment. Because of the sparse living conditions of the mountains, they are extremely skilled at survival and utilizing everything to its fullest. Due to the mountainous terrain, they do not make wide use of domesticated animals unlike the majority of humans. Instead, they are primarily hunters with occasional goat herds. The Vrax have long used falconry to aid them in their hunts. And so, the Vrax are allies of the legendary mountain birds.

Ancestrally, the Vrax are a people descended from an entirely different line from the Azure peoples. While the Azure Nation migrated from the coastal line into Azure Pass, the Vrax people came from the North side of the nearly impassable Vrax Mountains. The forebears of the Vrax peoples were a group of warriors sent on a mission of exploration. Initially, they were to scout out new lands for settlement, but upon trying to pass the Vrax Mountains, they were stranded. The warriors formed the new settlement there instead, having no way to return home or continue forward.

The fledgling settlement was constantly on the edge of devastation, but this turned for the better when a pact was formed between the humans and great birds. From this point forward, little has changed of the Vrax culture.


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