The Great War Is Here

This campaign thrusts the Adventurers into a pivotal time in the history of the super continent known as “The Realm”. In the age of Orc and Man, strife on all levels of the realm – divine, abyssal, material, and all in between – threatens to destroy the delicate balance that has hung for millennia. A Great War is coming and none can escape its effects. Only with the help of all will the Adventurers have a chance at restoring balance. Though each of them chanced upon their initial meeting and their backgrounds and ideologies vastly differ, together they will delve into the world of The Realm, wake its dormant secrets, and rally the people to bring back the world from the brink of disaster – or nudge it over. One thing is for certain, The Realm will never be the same…

The Why

Silently, a colossal bulk of stone and metal floats listlessly by. The size of a small island, it has seven spires that reach upwards all surrounding a central keep. Its dark stonework, worn and ragged by countless centuries, and its black impending walls, with their jagged and sharp design, give the peacefully hovering citadel an ominous look. Not a single sound reverberates through its halls and towers and spires and keeps. It sits there, suspended in the air as if held by a thread. Serene. But no doubt, locked away in the center of the Floating Fortress lies a power deserved by none. A power that holds the key to unlocking reality. The power over which the Great War is fought.

The Where

The massive island of a castle hovers over the land of Azure, but casts no shadow. It fills the sky, but never blots out the sun. The inhabitants of Azure have never seen the castle, though the stone used to erect its walls came from Azure soil. The Floating Fortress is shrouded, invisible to them. Purely legends are the only remains of their connection to the floating island – at least to most.

Azure is a land that comprises roughly half of The Realm, the rest being Sprague. Out of these lands a wide and diverse set of factions have sprung up ranging from the Orcs and Goblins to Gnomes and Halflings to Elves and Men; each vying for their own place. The Centaurs roaming the burnt ashes of their once majestic forest seek revenge; the Orcs in their fiendish hordes wish to consume the world; the Forest Elves hope to remain isolated; and that is just a glimpse. But above these ideological, political, or economical battles lies a meta-war. It is battled by those who know of the terrible power contained in the hidden fortress. And they fight this war among the Delton Hills where the orcs pillage, and in the Vrax Mountains among the Legendary birds, and on the Arctic Gale Sea with the pirate kingdoms, and in the burnt remains of the Azure Forest. The Realm is where the strings are being pulled, and where the fate of the world rests.

The How

The principle war is fought between the Guardians, a group charged with protecting the secret of the castle. But as with all power, it corrupted. And now the Guardians, faced with a near future premonition of disaster, fight over what should be done. Use the power to avoid the coming disaster, or do nothing for fear of being the cause of the disaster. Fortunately, the castle was sealed and can only be unlocked by a seven piece key called the Medallions.

The world is on the edge of chaos and only the Adventurers know how to save it…

Great War of the Castle in the Sky

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